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The Park Library is an online outdoor library that houses books, zines and art.

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We are looking for new books! If you or a friend have something you'd like shared, send an email!

Title Author(s) Year Tags
Beautiful Images Toby Sherman 2023 Art, Illustration
My Best Story Toby Sherman 2023 Art, Illustration
Uncle Magazine Summer 2023 Fred Tombs 2023 Magazine, Editorial, Parody, Comedy

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The Park Library plays host to books, zines and art. All media is exhibited with an accompanying audio file of a park so you can read outside wherever you are, no matter the weather.

Everything in the library is here with the express permission of the respective artists, who retain all rights over their work. If you have a reccomendation or media of your own that you'd like to submit for consideration, send an email. There is no theme that needs to be followed, and we'll do our best to get back to you if you as soon as possible.

The Park Library is built and maintained by Greg, to whom you can reach out to with questions/suggestions☺︎